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A responsive answer to a question, either by saying mhmm as in "yes" or "suuuure"
Person A: Im tired, are you?

Person B: Mhmm
di Anime-luvah 22 gennaio 2006
327 85
This word is usally used to say 'sure', 'yes', or 'okay'. sometimes you use a sarcastic was being like 'sureeee i believe you'. I sometimes use it when there is just nothing to say.
Rob: 'She is H-O-T, HOT!'
John: 'mhmm'


Rob: 'Yesterday I went skinny dipping in the sand.'
John: 'mhmm'
di LetACryOut 01 marzo 2009
107 49
An ethnic response in the affirmative.
ED: i sure do love this fried chicken!

George: mhmm
di Ryan1090 09 giugno 2008
130 115
n. deep, thoughts
Are you doing good today? Mhmm
di Aditi Bandhariasma 28 settembre 2008
35 99
to do with things being good, or a way of saying good, liking something.
"i mhmm you"
"i mhmm this pizza"
"this chocolate is really cheap, and nice. mhmm"
di IloveJinglez 29 agosto 2009
26 103