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imaginary realm created by JRR Tolkien based upon his childhood growing up in the midlands of England
the shire was in middle earth
di tornado 11 ottobre 2003
61 16
A word used to describe being in a very obscure place, said by somebody who has no idea where they are.
"Where are we, Fucking middle earth?"
di mdogksu23 13 settembre 2011
51 7
A place to plow pussy
Yo man i just plowed Rajs moms pussy down to middle earth. Holla!
di MotiG 08 gennaio 2007
49 29
a fictional land in books by J.R.R. Tolkien
Man, those hobbits are just the hottest thing to hit Middle Earth since the Dwarves!
di Bex 11 ottobre 2003
36 16
The overly large space between a girl's breasts.
Dude i tried to titty fuck that girl until i realized i was entering middle earth.
di jugs 25 09 dicembre 2010
12 8
The patch of skin between your butt hole and ball sack.
In reference to chafing Dude, middle earth is on fire.
di gimmedanger 14 settembre 2011
9 7
The place where hot guys like Orlando Bloom are not hard to find

I cheated on him in Middle Earth.
di Peppea 13 ottobre 2003
14 45