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woman who likes to give oral pleasure to other women
she is a minge muncher
di beernshag 03 ottobre 2003
A name called when getting annoyed.
Vaginal discharge a person consumes.
Oh shut up you mingemuncher
di Aloo 14 ottobre 2007
1.) Plural of Minge Muncher. A Minge Muncher is someone who munches minges.

2.) (and this IS true!) A game, much like "Duck, duck goose", that my weird friend plays. It is basially the same as Duck, Duck, Goose, but you say Minge, Minge, MINGE MUNCHER! instead.
1.) "Look at those lesbians! I bet they're minge munchers."

2.) "Who wants to play Minge Munchers?"
di Bi-sexual minge muncher 12 agosto 2006
ewwww!!! lezzies!!! bitches
"oi bitch can i munch on ure minge?"
di Oº°‘¨Åm¥¨‘°ºO 08 marzo 2005