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Something that's extra extra extra cute and has knowledge of everything. A SUPERGENIUS, basically.
Steph digs Norbie a lot a lot a lot.
di AlwinB 26 marzo 2008
77 9
sexiest man alive, well hung, has a great body, and unbelievable eyes.
Norbie can seduce you just by showing you one testicle.
di Jenny JD 02 febbraio 2010
30 6
Commonly used as slang for a gay man.
Damn that guy over there is such a norbie.
di NORBIE 01 maggio 2005
24 71
A street word for pathetic.
That tramp over there is Norbie.
di Rachel545456 10 maggio 2005
18 66
Slang for anal sex or general gay intercourse
I want Norbie right now
di Jim3 16 maggio 2005
16 66