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to snack on
I've been noshing all day.
Stop your noshin', you won't want to eat dinner.
di Nosher 24 maggio 2003
498 193
Yiddish word meaning "to snack."
"Are you ready for dinner?"
"Nah, I'm just gonna nosh and eat a real meal later."
di _|3\/\/ h4x0r 22 settembre 2004
287 154
A deep throat sucking of the cock
Get down there girl and Nosh... I wanna feel my nuts on your Chin
di Stealth 17 luglio 2003
504 372
n. snack food
v. to snack on, often for extended periods of time rather than eating a meal at parties, in front of the TV or while sitting around passing a pipe and listening to hendrix
what the fuck man, nothing to nosh at this party.
di akary 19 ottobre 2004
147 103
Maybe sometimes looked at as a blowjob/oral sex
Husband says: any chance of a Nosh dear

Wife replies: No Nosh
di buzzinbeeny 10 aprile 2008
122 85
Nosh: Shorter Word 4 A Blowjob
Give Us A Quick Nosh
di Shkirst 03 dicembre 2007
100 74
v. to eat
n. food, meal

also nosh-up - a big meal
He was hungry and desperate to mosh.
I sat down to a big plate of nosh.

We went to the corner cafe for a good nosh-up.
di Humfry Bogus 11 novembre 2006
53 43