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Awesome, unbelievably good. Cousin to "off the hook" and "off the chain".
Oh man, that party was off the hinges!
di B.I. 07 aprile 2003
synonym for off the hook or off the chain...like crazy insane!!
this website is off the hinges!!
di cb 18 novembre 2004
1.something that is very note-worthy or exciting. 2.someone/thing who is acting crazy(mentally insane). see also: off-the-hook; off-the-heezy; crazy
1."I heard that party was off-the-hinges last night." 2."Your boy was off-the-hinges after he smoked that blunt yesterday!"
di mybootyisthatbig 25 settembre 2003
After Rave feeling
At the after party of Planet Rock at Oakland Home Base back at my telli Room at Jack London Square, Brain Pretegera gave birth to off the hinges..
di Jack Atallah 15 febbraio 2013