A college (if you can call it that) in bumblefuck, PA. Located in the middle of no where. It's home to about 40,000 students, who really have no direction in life. They have a mediocre football team who is too scared to play Pitt after the last beatdown Pitt bestowed upon them. Also if you cant get into Pitt you go to Penn State where most likely you will be one of 3 things:
1. Gay
2. Criminal (located by many prisons who accept students after graduation day)
3. Clown

Penn State tries to play in the big 10 (or wait is it 11). There is actually 11 teams in this conference because well you guessed it penn state couldnt count that therte was already 10 teams in the conference when they joined. You can see the shittany lions football team getting beatdown on any given saturday by the likes of OSU, Mich., Notre Dame, Iowa, Pitt, their girls volleyball team, and many Div 1AA schools.

All in all dont go to penn state, because once your there you might as accept the fact that you will most likely never make a significant contribution to society
Hey mom, I could not get into Pitt, so I am going to go to Penn State where I can learn how to become a leech to society.
di pitt4ever 29 marzo 2010
The best school in the country, rated number one party school by Bacardi, Playboy refused to rank Penn State in their party rankings because they claimed "it was not fair to rank professionals among amateurs."
Penn State, Penn State University, Orange Bowl Winners, we were the beginnings of such greats as Larry Johnson and Michael Robinson
di Robbie Kumar 22 gennaio 2007
place people who think a dinosaur will allow them to become the powerhouse in ncaa football they think they were. sadly they fail miserably to the buckeyes, michigan and were skullfucked by usc in the rose bowl. they try to be a big football school by cramming a field full of complete idiots to say they boast the largest capacity football stadium, while if they added seats they wouldn't even make it to 100.000. also the hot girls here are actually nerds, trannies, and fugly lesbian dikes. the only hot girls are the one's joe pa pays to fuck his delinquent football players so they don't leave to play for a REAL coach and team. so if you love mediocrity, crack whores, and dinosaurs go to penn state
Sally: I heard all the girls at Penn State are hotter than most cheerleaders, I might not be able to compete.

Bob: I heard all the cheerleaders at penn state are crack whores and skanks.

Bill: Sally you fit right in, and there is always a viagra drip for joe pa if none of the 3in dick sized future child molesters will fuck you.
di one4the$ 23 agosto 2009
a drinking school that excels at engineering
Jim: "Hey Bob, I just got back from a hard test in E MCH 213. Want to go out to the bars tonight ?"

Bob: "Nah, I got a test in EE 350 tomorrow."

Jim: "btw - why is your fifth of 151 only a third full ?"

Bob: "Because I'm studying for the test... We're at Penn State , not Lehigh or something."
di Powerline13 14 luglio 2009
Penn State is more than a University; it is a family. Penn State grads can be found nearly everywhere in the world, and because of the deep school spirit, usually treat other PSU grads with immediate respect.

Penn State thrives on football and school spirit. Joe Paterno is one of the most successful coaches in college history, and is one of the nicest guys in the world. He is as much a part of Penn State as Old Main is. The saying at Penn State is that the only one who can replace Joe Pa is God. He is a hero here, and is easily the most respected man in the State College area.

Currently Penn State's University Park campus has a reputation for being an incredible party school. This is true. There are tons of parties every weekend. If you can't find a party you enjoy, then you aren't looking hard enough. It is important to note that Thursday is the beginning of the (partying) weekend at Penn State.

If you don't like to party, there is still a lot to do. There are always activities on campus, and enough people that you can always find someone with similar interests. You don't have to party to enjoy yourself at Penn State, but it does help.

As so many people have mentioned before, the food here is great. Penn State also has some of the best ice cream you will ever have, and a lot of good restaurants are scattered throughout downtown.

The people at Penn State are very divided. Many people are rude, stuck up, and ignorant. The majority of people are not like this, though. Unfortunately you don't notice the nice people, because the ignorant ones stand out and give you the wrong impression.

The girls at Penn State are sluts. There are a ton of hot girls, but at least half dress like it's the 80s. If you can get by the spandex under the skirt look, then you should be ok here. Almost all girls sleep around with way too many guys, and dress the part too.

The guys at Penn State are overly horny pigs. Because of Penn State's party reputation, all of the immature guys at PSU are twice as bad as they should be. There are plenty of good guys at PSU, but they are very shy.

It's important to realize that saying a Penn State degree is useless is just ignorant. Just because a Lib Arts major from PSU gets a poor job doesn't mean PSU sucks; it actually means that Lib Arts majors are useless. Penn State is a well respected school. Don't listen to stupid people who claim a PSU degree is useless. Their only proof is immaturely writing how bad PSU sucks.
We Are... Penn State!
di d1skreet 30 ottobre 2006
The gayest school on the face of the planet.

A school that has a techno as it's rally song.

A school with a high gay, and aids infested population.

"Yo i totaly got Penn Stated in the butt last night and now i can't walk"

"I'm coughing blood and loosing weight, i think i got Penn State"
di Big Sambo 17 febbraio 2008
A mixed bag. Decent school in the middle of nowhere where everyone follows the football team and the students drink until they are retarded. Some cute girls, by PSU standards, but most would pass for dogs in a city with alot of hot chics like NYC or LA. Weather is great in the summer/fall but your balls freeze in the winter and you don't see the sun until May. Few decent bars but alot of holes filled with drunk meatheads and vomiting idiots. Terrible restaurants but good ice cream. Alot of cool people but plenty of ignorant people who are are homophobes and racists.
Dude, we need to make a run for more 151!

Popped collars and Uggs aren't popular anymore tards.

We are . . . Penn State!
di psuissoso 18 luglio 2006
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