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Someone imitating a bike messenger whether through their look, their bike or simple their riding style.
Look at Russell man he is a total Potbelly's posenger...
di A Bike Messenger 10 giugno 2007
19 6
One who poses as a bicycle messenger
Noah Jensen is a posenger
di Wade Mickelsen 07 settembre 2006
20 10
People who affect the style of urban bicycle messengers but who are not employed as such.
Steel fixed gear bicycles are marketed towards posengers, urban riders, and students.
di Fred Poseur 06 settembre 2009
2 0
Someone who tries to look like a bike messenger.
Whoa, check out that person riding a track bike with a Chrome bag and a Kryptonite lock in their back pocket. What a posenger!
di 341 11 giugno 2007
8 12