Top Definition
abbreviation of legendary electronic punk band "The Prodigy"
dude, were you at the prodge gig last night??
di altan8 13 settembre 2005
the removable part of a Clipper lighter that is used to push down the excess weed at the end of a spliff
"Ere Mick, pass us that prodge"

"Have you got a prodge please, this joint has fucked up"
#prodgey bit #clipper bit #spliff #lighters #rolling a joint #weed paraphernalia
di bootylicious_b4be 20 aprile 2010
(informally) progeny
So lovely to catch up! How's the prodge?
#kiddies #baby #bastard #offspring #child #spawn #germline
di persnickany 24 gennaio 2010
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