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Puertorriqueño(a) is the "proper" term used to address a native islander from Puerto Rico. Do not confuse with Newyoricans, or anyone else born outside the island to Puertorriqueño parents. A real Puertorriqueño(a) knows the words to "La Borinqueña", speaks Spanish (FLUENTLY), has lived on the island, and cries to the words of "En Mi Viejo San Juan". Other terms used to refer to a person from "La Tierra del Encanto" are: Puertorro(a) = a shortened version, Borinqueño(a) = after the island's Taino name "Borikén"; and Boricua = a variant of the previous. The terms Boricua or Puertorro(a) can sometimes be insulting, particularly to an affluent person. However, average people, especially those from the "caserios", do not typically mind these terms.
¡Soy Puertorriqueño(a) y orgulloso! = I'm Puerto Rican.

If you really want to show pride, substitute Puertorriqueño(a) with Borinqueño(a).

Ex.: Ese señor es definitivamente Borinqueño. = That gentleman is definitely Puerto Rican.

¡Vaya Boricua! or ¡Vaya Puertorro(a)!: roughly translates to "Yo hommie from the island"
di Orgullo Puertorriqueño 20 febbraio 2010
43 48
One who is born or decends from Puerto Rico or Puerto Rican lineage. They can range from many ancestries Spanish, native american(Taino) and african being the most common. Puerto Ricans are one of the most diverse Hispanic, Latino cultures. The Modern Puerto Rican is of mainly Spainard, Ameridian (Native American) and African desent or blood. Thats what Puerto Rican are. They speak Spanish can look native american white or Black. They dance to drums and Maracas which is from African and Indian ancestry. They also like to be called Boricua. They are Creole to the bone. Mulatto and Mulatta from the they are born. Mestizo or Mestiza.
Puerto Ricans are a very diverse people.
di Boricua #1 20 novembre 2009
32 37
Being lazy. Puerto Ricans are the laziest of all latinos.
Shit, Jamal, you ain't been to class all week, you gettin' Puerto Rican on me?
di C. Pumpkin 05 marzo 2008
251 256
The Latino people who are really over confident and obnoxious and like to fight like men whether they are men or women. Unfortunately Americans think all Latinos are Puerto Ricans and its humiliating because they act so ghetto.
"You looking at boyfriend bitch?! I'm Puerto Rican and ill rip your hair out!"

Actually I was looking at the clock on the wall behind you so pike down cause I wouldn't touch a man whose been with you."
di Jss 10 giugno 2013
11 18
Another word for faggot.
Bob: "Tom's dad likes men."
Jake: "That puerto rican."
di Zealot925 27 luglio 2012
28 45
1. A person claiming to have extinct Taino ancestry along with a hodgepodge of other races

2. A person who drives a vehicle with at least one donut and no hubcaps

3. A person of Hispanic descent who is ignorant

4. Petty crook

5. Someone of Hispanic origin that has no concept of traffic laws.

6. Someone who parks their car in the yard of a house instead of the driveway.
I hear Amscot was robbed!! Damn Puerto Ricans.
di MonkeyFro 08 novembre 2010
66 87
We're beatiful people with nice bodies and a nice skin tone. We get crazy and know how to have fun! Freakss ;]
"Damm look at those puerto ricans right there!, soo fine"
di [Ghetto Birdd] 30 gennaio 2009
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