A term used among beach and court volleyball players asking someone to fetch the ball.
Hey, shag the ball.
#gopher #fetch #volleyball #set #spike #block
di freckles on her temples 07 agosto 2011
a small bird.
Theres a shag eating my nuts.
di welly boot 05 febbraio 2003
A kid who regularly gets rammed in the ass by a drillpress, usually in a techroom while informing his female mate that the quality of her belt is currently sufficient, but if it were to be removed he would appriciate it and probably bust a huge nut. "Shags" also enjoys article writing, buying Doreen a slush and hitting two homeruns out of murphy.
Hey Shags, I was just playing some chinese checkers and I was wondering if you would eat sushi off of my nuts. No?...alright, maybe later...shags
di Svi Diddy 24 gennaio 2003
(verb) to retrieve a throw projectile in track & field, such as a shot-put or a discus.
Hey Dick, go out and shag my shots for me.
di Treta 01 maggio 2005
friend, mate
girl one: hiyaa
girl two: alright shag!
#shagg #shug #mate #friend #hag
di josie.o 07 settembre 2008
An affectionate Manx term used when greeting a friend
Bob "Alright Shag?"

Dave "Good Yessir, what's the skeet?"
#affectionate #manx #friends #shag #skeet
di TWIOM 16 giugno 2008
A dance in the southern part of the United States where the male partner leads. The couple shuffle their feet; it is a smooth dance dating back to the 1950s. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
We are going to the beach club and will shag the night away.
#dance #steppin' #two step #shuffle #couples dance #cha cha
di AJC 123 12 novembre 2007
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