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Acronym for "suck my dick"
smd fag.
di Kola 26 gennaio 2003
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Short term for the use of "suck my dick" phrase. Used popular in messaging.
Mike: You owe me 5 dollars bitch!

Cisco: smd
di The Instant Classic 10 luglio 2008
Suck My Dick

A term used to explain emotion in the men's world.
a: you're such a bitch
b: smd

a: i'm so bored, what the fuck do i do?

b: smd
di taye29 27 luglio 2009
Acronym for So Many Dinosaurs
Look bro, SMD!
di Trexboss 08 novembre 2011
suck my dick
if you dont like it SMD
di lil kick 19 aprile 2009
An abbreviation of the phrase "Suck My Dick"
That guy can smd. He's an asshole!
di Daliag1997 20 dicembre 2009
An acronym for "suck my dick". Widely used across the intergalactic web, and in general conversation.
intergalactic web:

guy: my mom made me pancakes
dude: ur mom can smd

in real life:

guy: omg you're well ugly man
dude: how about smd?
di izzehWIN_ 02 maggio 2010

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