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A suitcase nuke designed to fit in a woman's snizz
It appears that terrorists have snuck a snuke up your snizz.
di lordbuffington 01 aprile 2007
542 115
South Park invention: A remotely-detonated nuclear briefcase bomb especially designed to fit in a woman's snizz.
Hillary Clinton had a snuke hidden up her snatch.
di ericmt 31 marzo 2007
243 140
A suitcase nuclear device which is designed to be hidden in a woman's snizz
"Miss Clinton it appears that terrorists have snuck a snuke up your snizz"
di b33r 29 marzo 2007
59 37
Suitcase nuke. Small enough to fit in a very wide gap.
There's a snuke in Hil-Dog's snatch.
di Bill2 28 marzo 2007
16 13
A suitcase nuke that fits inside a woman's snizz or snatch. It is short for either "snatch nuke" or "snizz nuke". The term was first used in the South Park episode "The Snuke". The snuke was located in Hillary Clinton's vagina.
CIA Agent: "Hillary Clinton has a suitcase nuke in her sniz."
Cartman: "A snuke?"
CIA Agent: "Yeah."
di improviduto 28 marzo 2007
24 22
Noun: An undefined amount of junk food eaten when intoxicated, especially when drunk or high.

Verb: To gorge one's body with large amounts of food at unreasonable rates when intoxicated.
1. Let's go grab some snukes from my mom's pantry when we're done blazing.

2. You were snuking mad hard last night when you had the drunchies.
di Captain MoGunz 03 agosto 2012
4 3
When you either accidentally or deliberately to be ironic type "smile" with your right hand on the wrong keys.

Originated in text-based MUDs in the 90s where users would type commands into the console to "emote."
Example 1.

Person 1: I love you so much, dearest.
Person 2: Sweet! *SNUKE*

Example 2.

"say I just slayed that level 50 dragon!"
You say: I just slayed that level 50 dragon!

"Hrothgar: snuke"
Hrothgar tries to type "smile" but his hands are on the wrong keys!
di Shiggity & Trionna 29 febbraio 2012
5 5