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(n.) breasts, specifically large, jiggling, bouncy breasts.
Check out those sweater puppets!
di Mango 02 gennaio 2003
167 33
breasts, boobies, mammary glands
That girl's sweater puppets are bouncin'.
di jiminycricket 05 aprile 2007
38 19
tittttt-ayyyyyssss inside a sweater that you play puppets
He was playing with her sweater puppets in the back of her car.
di sassyquatchjt 09 ottobre 2009
21 7
a girl with large breasts that she can flex, bounce, jiggle, etc.
dude that crazy stripper last night could really move those sweater puppets!
di joe jones & russell bray 10 settembre 2008
20 16