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saying someone is nice...awesume!...saying something is sweet to the taste... a beloved person.. . fine...something pleasing to the mind or feeling
-Dayum he gotta sweet ass!
-That cookie sure was sweet!
-You're soo sweet!
di Danielle 05 maggio 2005
92 59
Something that is awesome
THat was so sweet what you just did.
di Anonymous 14 dicembre 2002
2246 710
An intensive used to express satisfaction, acceptance, pleasure, excellence, exaltation, approval, awe, or reverence. When used individually, the level of satisfaction expressed is most often directly proportionate to the duration of the vowel sound.
"Mashed potatoes for dinner. Sweet."
"I just won a million dollars? SWEEEEEEET!"
di tlc 20 novembre 2004
1490 539
nice, pleasant, endearing, likable, non-threatening
They adore her because she is sweet.
di LINDAR 27 maggio 2006
936 352
1. A really kind/thoughtful person, someone you would like being around
2. Positive remark
1. "Aww, you're so sweet!"
2. "Sweet!"
di Pyran 06 febbraio 2008
527 241
term of endearment;;;;;my lover
what are you doing, sweets?
di jerk 04 ottobre 2003
378 126
A word girls use to try and subtley say she doesn't like a guy.
"He's sweet BUT..."
di Dipako 30 dicembre 2003
1162 947
1)Something good that happens

2)describing somthing cool
1)Hey I just got the last tickets to the concert. Sweet!

2)Oh man that concert was so sweet!
di Julianne 05 marzo 2004
547 358