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The general feeling of lethargy and well-being experienced after eating a satisfying meal. This phenomena is particularly triggered by foods high in carbohydrates and meats containing the amino acid tryptophan.
I got the itis so bad after the Thanksgiving meal I just chilled on the couch and watched some movies.
di Dorjan Scott 16 febbraio 2004
1846 456
When you call in sick to work but aren't really sick
"I think I'm going to catch the itis on Friday "
di Quality associate 23 febbraio 2014
4 15
When you become sleepy after eating food or getting some booty.
"Man after I ate that chinese food the Itis whupped my ass."
di 27 gennaio 2004
448 742
the feeling, called niggeritis because it is normally found in us Blacks, after enjoying a filling meal. some symptoms are fatigue, "happy" feet, and droopy eyes.
I got the worse case of the itis after that cheese steak with fries.
di Philly's Fynest Shorty 14 marzo 2006
668 1117
a sexualy transmitted infection.
yo son dont stick yo dick up in that trick, she got the itis son, word is bond.
di BALL$ 02 giugno 2007
144 1264