a person with no sense of individuality at all, who will generally take the piss out of anyone who has the smallest trace of it. they're vocabulary will usually consist of words beginning with the letter 'f' which will appear in the middle of as many words as possible.
the female townie will usually be dressed as the town slut and will be responsible for increaseing the teen pregnancy rate, while using their lack of knowledge to be unaware of the uses and justifications of the condom.
what do u get if you cross a townie and a goldfish?
a person who can't remember why they're the same as everyone else
di LilGothGirl 28 gennaio 2004
A low life individual who "start" on anyone who they see fit without any sense of morality. They are always on the wrong side of the law, but never seem to get into trouble. They take great pleasure in beating up "Greebo's" and "Goths" (Pronouced Sweaty greebs and dirty goffics by them) They all seem to be in one big family, and it seems that if you hit one you hit them all
"Ey you dirty goffic 'ittin me, I'm gonna get me grandad's sister's auntie's nephew's brother's cousin's son's bruva on ya"
di broken_heartagram 20 gennaio 2004
Townies are the scum of this earth they have the i.q of my goldfish and wear clothes not even worth looking at!There normal inhabitance is in your local town/vill innit!Where they spend their day trying to get their ass kicked by normal people!If you like burberry enough and support crappy nova cars and wear argos jewelry you are most definitley a townie.They have mastered their unique and rubbish language which involves words such as "come on then" and "innit" and "his missus has got a "nova gti" and also due to their incredible thickness they insist on insulting by swearing! remember they are the lowest lifeform on this planet do not fall down to their level become something worth doing!
townie and chav's think they are well ard
townies and chavs think they are well ard
di Alex 05 gennaio 2005
a townie is someone who has no mind of their own and follows whatever trends happen to be most common at the time. they will always have disgustingly obviously fake, cheap-looking dyed "blonde" hair with about 2+ inches of d-a-r-k roots and will never (hell forbid!) be seen wearing black(!) clothing and hate anyone with a mind of their own (no wonder they haye shopping trolleys) townies are incredibly vain too, they spend forever infront of a mirror piling on fake tan and makeup, and gawping lovingly at themselves. they also wear painfully small, tight clothing and are constantly "getting off" wit heach other.
i was outside mcdonalds and i walked by this disgusting barbie (?) pink car and a townie was hanging out the window with the roof down and she had about 20 mirrors aimed on herself trying to gaze at herself from every angle when i walked by she gave this annoyingly fake, high giggle "tee-hee oh look bethie! its a gothic person! tee-hee!" then she wend back to heaping on makeup and gazing at herself.
di Emma 27 aprile 2004
apes but less intelligent
FEmale:think wearing fake gold is cool because in their eyes its real and they like to wear fake cloths from highstreets in a townie words (igh street) as in burbury, wear stupid fluffy hooded coats, and use words like:blad,al'ight love etc etc
MALE: same fluffy hooded coats,like to say wot wot wot wot wot wot wot wot wot wot when people are "larie" or "rude boy" and if you make them laugh they'll call you "this kids jokerz blad" .in oother words townies are stupid retardish sleazy tramps which buy fake everything although they call every1 else tramps but the only reason why they buy fake stuff is coz in their eyes (the faker it is the more "bling" it is
al'ight love can you get me some wa'er
di sahand mamand 04 febbraio 2004
A person who lives in the town/city of a college, spends lots of time in the town
Sometimes make fun of the College people
Because we know they do
I live in the town that Kings Point is in, and it is SO funny to make fun of them in there uniforms around town!
di Liz 05 gennaio 2004
Any person from a town (as opposed to someone from the country). Meant offensively and aimed at those who have a twisted view of the world because they have spent all their lives in towns and therefore think they are superior to everyone else.

In towns, this word means something quite different. See most of the other definitions on this page.
Fucking townies driving through our village! Get a brick.
di Jarf 09 ottobre 2003

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