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Travian is a browser based MMOG where you can compete with thousands of other players by taking control of a small village and leading your people to glory and victory.

Three different tribes
Four different resources
Ten military units per tribe
Up to twenty-five buildings
I have 5 villages and 2000 population on travian.
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di bob d 29 giugno 2006
Travian was a massive multiplayer strategy game that used to enjoy great success and attracted large numbers of players. In recent versions, however, its success has declined, and people have taken up other games instead.
I used to be addicted to Travian.
Back when Travian was good I used to send 10 waves in a second.
I used to spend hours on Travian, but I got pissed off waiting for the map to load, and now I play other games.
I spent the last of my cheque on Travian!
I liked Travian when a server had 20k people in it or more.. now it's just 4k.
My hero looked like a Ken doll, and probably had just as large balls.
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di geekygamergirl 19 agosto 2011
Travian is strategy-based game who's is almost as populated with noobs as Runescape. It's working it's way up to being as bad as any gay online game. It requires you to play it all day/night so more "experienced" players can farm you for resources. It requires you to buy "Gold" with real money so you can be "tough ass with lots of resources"
Newbie Travian player: Hi guys, i'm new here, how do you play this game?
N00b Travian player: fk u noob
Experienced Travian player: Tell me where are you, i will help you.(When he's actually planing to farm you for resources)
#travian #gay #sucks #nerd #fag #farming
di FirePhoenix 08 aprile 2010
A browser game that consists of fighting in the Arena, playing minigames, doing community actions, harvesting resources, decorating your house, and doing quests
Travians is great!
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di MrsTaylorLautner 11 agosto 2009
Travian is a lame, addictive, time consuming online computer game that is not as bad as WOW but certainly working it's way up there. Anyone can join and make a village and lamely aspire to gain no real achievement except perhaps the record of such a large amount of life-span wasted.
Ex. 1: John, Nick, and Ryan play Travian. They are lame, addicted, and their time is consumed.

Ex. 2: What's that? You can't hang out because your village is getting attacked in Travian? At 3AM? Oh, hey, F**K you.

Ex. 3: Pete has Travian accounts in the US and the UK server. Don't tell anyone!

Ex. 4: Hank: "Don't tell my girlfriend that I forgot her birthday because I was playing WOW"

Salome: "Dude, your girlfriend (who was a man) dumped you months ago because you're a WOW-addicted mofo"

Hank: "Better than being addicted to Travian."

Salome: "Aww shiiit"
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di IH8Travian 23 gennaio 2009
An addictive MMORTS that requires huge amounts of time and effort in order to achieve anything worthwhile.
Guy1 'Woah, you look tired'

Guy2 'Yeah, I stayed up till 4 last night playing travian just so I could protect my settlers and start a new village'

Guy1 '.... You're a fucking looser'
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di Mikethepirate 12 febbraio 2008
An online text based war game , the game is one of the best internet games and won a prize in 2006 as the world best mmorg
i have been attacked in travian
#travian #online #gaming #mmorg #war
di GatDat 20 marzo 2009
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