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plural = tryhards.

A person/people who simply try far too hard to fit in with you i.e. over the top laughing at jokes which arent particularly funny, name-dropping etc.
See Brown nose
Look at Lindsay trying to get in with the year above, the fucking tryhard!
di Ryan H87 27 settembre 2005
When someone tries harder than necessary; someone who always tried hard.
Carly is such a tryhard.
di White shirt 16 ottobre 2011
someone who tries hard and the most pointless things (shawn herlong)
shawn herlong is a try hard
di GYM Koch 26 febbraio 2009
a word thats suppose to be an insult, but it's a fail.
when you saying try hard, your really saying your better then me, and i'm jealous.
Boy 1- Hey i made the basketball team!!
Boy 2- Friggan try hard...
di blehhhdinos 22 novembre 2011
1. A person who tries hard to impress or tries to be something they are not.

2. What somebody would say to anybody who does a little better than them while playing an online game. The person who calls them a "try hard" probably can't handle getting killed or not getting the first kill of the game so they use this as an insult to feel better.
"Wow look at Nick with his shutter shades, what a try hard!"

imcoollol69: "WOW just because you got the first two kills doesn't make you cool, TRY HARD!"
neoxxy: "Getting two kills doesn't mean shit. Can't handle it then don't play."
di Neoxxy 29 agosto 2011
A person who trys their nuts off. Especially when you think they are only winning only because they are putting too much effort into something.

Often declared by hypocrites during long winded tantrums while playing video games such as CoD. They call out other people when they are in fact trying too hard and still losing.
Person 1: "Do you know Justin Earl?"
Person 2: "Yeah, I played MW2 with him last week. He's such a try-hard!"
di I Laugh At Your Made Up Insult 19 luglio 2010
A word used by people who are felt inadequate by their superior other.
If a person feels inferior to a specified person, and is jealous of their skills that make them superior,

the inferior person would describe that person as a try-hard.
Most people who use the word try-hard for mistaking it as a word to describe someone who does something more to the point of it actually being necessary, this can be true, but most of the time, people just use that as an excuse to avoid sounding like an asshole after stating their pathetic inferiority to another person.
The word try-hard is usually used by Call Of Duty players, because they take the game THAT seriously.
Jamal: "I got a 97% on my math test!"

Eric: "Try-hard, I don't have the same intellect level as you, so instead of respecting your mark and congratulating you, I am going to sound like an egoistic douchebag and state that you are smarter than me, and I'm not okay about it."
di Weeby 13 novembre 2013