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When a woman has hard nipples, it usually takes place in cold office buildings. It refers to the thermometer that pops up when your turkey is done cooking
"Hey girl, your turkey's done."
di Little Miss Muffintop 28 luglio 2006

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An expression to point out that a female in the room has erect nipples. Typically used for a woman with particularly large nipples like those of a temperature indicator on a turkey in the oven that pops up when the bird is done.
(as a girl with high beams in a tight turtle neck walks by...)
Dude, the turkey's done!
di Jeb from NH 25 luglio 2003
When a girl has hard nipples.
Hey, check out that chick! Turkey's done!!
Yeah, she's got two turkeys! And they're both done!!
di engineerboy 15 febbraio 2007