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A stupid honkey that wont keep itz mouth shut
di Jimmy Urine 02 agosto 2003

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uppity cracker cracker uppity white white guy white man
Adjective used to describe only the whitest of the White community. Signs of uppity crackered-ness usually include the inability to dance and the insisted removal of B.E.T from their local cable provider. Often find themselves in trouble when referring to members of the Black community as "boy" or "silly negroe".
Person 1:Wow, did you just see that? Ryan sure is one Uppity Cracker
Person 2:Yea, I did. Was that even considered dancing or did he just seize?
Person 1:Oh shit, I almost forgot, your test came in today, you have HIV. Sorry man.
Person 2:Ouch
di Uppity_Cracker 26 luglio 2007
Stupid cracker that can't keep his mouth shut.
That white boy was one Uppity Cracker.
di g0blin 05 settembre 2004