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what homosexuals or women say when they dont know what to say
(me)hey ricci get your thumb out of your ass you little bitch
(ricci)What eveeeerrrr
di harry pothead 26 luglio 2003
15 39
when someone is a butthead and doesnt say thanks for free porn
post giving
Bob-"here you porn"
Whatever guy/girl-"<silence>
di d, dela cruz 28 ottobre 2004
8 40
its like whatever someone wants it to be
a u wanna go to the store,iight den its whatevr
di chyanne hicks 04 gennaio 2003
7 39
song sung by our lady peace used for chris benoit as his theme
but whatever you need
whatever you got
whatever you want
i'll take back again
di justin 18 agosto 2004
9 43
Word describes what your united states of is.....(see below)
So i went down to the beach and saw kiki, she was all like..UUUH! and i was like WHATEVER!, becuz this is MY united states of WHATEVER! (liam lynch is a hoe)
di My united states of whatever 13 luglio 2003
9 51
I INVINTED "WHATEVER"!"-Matt, Miller... along with that "!" mark
It is a mean word by i love it since i invinted it blahhh har har argh"!"
whatever i hate you
di matt miller 08 febbraio 2003
4 72