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A fangirl is a girl which has an obsession or is very passionate about a specific topic , now this word sometimes is used with a negative meaning and fangirls are usually mocked and bantered, considered people affected by some kind of mental illness probably because sometimes their behavior is over-excited or because they express strong emotions for things that people don’t usually recognize important but this debate is mostly among points of view. Being a fangirl doesn’t only affect the way you socialize but also what you wear, what you buy, your priorities ecc.. all of this might sound a little bit extreme but being a fangirl is often considered also like a particular kind of lifestyle. Every fangirl belongs to one or more fandoms which are groups of people that share the same passion about a specific topic, there are lots of different fandoms that can relate to everything like singers, movies, books, actors ecc..
Fandoms are usually part of social networks and link people from different countries that share the same interest.

Fangirls have a specific vocabulary to communicate their emotions, who they think should get in relationship, more specific genres of stories ecc…
"What do you do in your free time except surfing the net?"
"Hey, I'm a professional fangirl! That's what fangirls do!"
by Tiri Vispi Weasley on Aug 14, 2014

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